Literary Mindfulness

Writing is an activity that we pursue because, theoretically, we enjoy it and find it rewarding and fulfilling. It’s also extraordinarily challenging. Sometimes we are good at creating habits that have us regularly sitting in our chairs and working on our writing, and sometimes we let whatever distractions or concerns we may be feeling keep us from making the commitment to our creative work.

Literary Mindfulness is about making a commitment to writing and being mindful about it. This is a commitment that means that we will do this writing for ourselves, acknowledging that it is something that is important to us and that nourishes us as much as it may challenge us.

Literary Mindfulness is about honoring ourselves and the creative instinct that resides inside us. Practically, it’s about creating space for yourself to do your creative work. Sometimes, this is just about carving out a few hours, or even minutes, in your busy day.

In these trying times, it’s more important than ever to make sure your creative soul has the chance to be expressed. Hence Open Book Productions is happy to provide some virtual opportunities for regular guided writing.

Each Literary Mindfulness session will begin with focus exercises and goal setting. It will then include structured time that mixes writing exercises and group work with periods of quiet writing time. In addition to general structured writing exercises, it offers the opportunity to focus on writing your own project as well.

Ongoing sessions will be offered.
If you’d like to try a class, email Sessions are scheduled as soon as a group is assembled at a time that is convenient for all. Each session is an hour and a half.
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Author: Lynn Rosen

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