Literary Mindfulness Readers Retreat

zen rocksDATES: Sunday, June 5 to Tuesday, June 7, 2016
LOCATION: The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Stockbridge, MA


Join us on a journey to Kripalu, a yoga retreat in the beautiful Berkshire mountains of western Massachusetts. We will have three days and two nights of inspiration and rejuvenation as we exercise our bodies (yoga, kayaking, hiking, dance) and our minds in book discussions led by Lynn Rosen throughout the visit.

What We’ll Do There
On this trip, we will combine the pleasures of sharing and discussing literature with the physical and spiritual rewards of yoga and physical activity. And in between all our various activities, some with the group and some solo, we will feast on the delicious organic cuisine for which Kripalu is famous, and enjoy lush scenery: the lake, rolling hills and leafy green forests of the Berkshires.

Books and Yoga: Mind and Body
Yoga is a practice that incorporates body, mind, and spirit. Reading is a cerebral and intellectual practice, yet it also incorporates spiritual and emotional components. As to how it affects the body, surely you have read a book that has made you cry, or sent chills down your spine, or even made you jump for joy. And as we surely know, books can affect us in profound ways and sometimes change the course of our lives.

Reading Ahead
During the retreat, we will focus on the theme “States of Being.” We will begin by discussing a book octopusthat participants will read ahead of time: The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness. In this book, naturalist Sy Montgomery gets to know the octopus, a creature that, though it is invertebrate, has a brain, a personality and an array of amazing abilities. Montgomery brings us into a wondrous watery world where we learn to see things differently. (A copy of this book is included in your activity fee.)

Reading On-Site
At the event, Lynn will provide an additional selection of short readings on the same theme of consciousness and States of Being. Each reading will be integrated into enriching group discussions. We’ll look at excerpts from the works of a range of authors.

The daily agenda is included below.

The cost for this trip is payable in two parts. Part one is an activity fee of $250, payable through Open Book (see “How to Register” below). Part two is for room & board, the cost of which varies depending on the accommodations you select (see “Book Your Housing” below).

How to Register
You will register for the program by paying the activity fee through Open Book.
To sign up click HERE.

Book Your Housing
The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health is housed in a former seminary and provides clean and simple accommodations. It offers a wide variety of levels of housing, both private and shared, ranging from about $150 per person for a dorm room with a shared bath to about $600 per person for a private room with a private bath and a lakeside view, and everything in between!

Once you have registered and paid your activity fee, call the main Kripalu reservations number: 866-200-5203. You will speak directly with a Kripalu representative, who will explain the options and guide you to the choice that is right for you. I have arranged for a group discount, so when you book your rooms you must tell the representative that you are part of the Open Book program on June 5 to 7.

Rooms must be reserved on or before May 22nd and all reservations are final and non-refundable as of that date.

Getting to Kripalu
Participants will need to provide their own transportation to Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA (the trip is just over four hours). I will be happy to connect attendees who wish to carpool.

Note: Kripalu has a full schedule of ongoing activities. This is the “R&R” program. We will have our own private Kripalu agenda which will at certain times enable you to partake of R&R activities. Our private sessions are noted in bold below.

6/5   Sunday

1:30pm             Arrival
2:00-3:30        Open R&R Session
4:15-6:15          Kripalu Yoga Classes (class times vary)
4:00                  Check -in
5:30-7:00        Dinner (Reserved table in dining hall for group)
7:00-7:30        Orientation with Guest Services
7:30-9:00        PRIVATE SESSION: Gentle Yoga Class

6/6 Monday

6:30-8:00        Kripalu Yoga Classes (class times vary)
7:00–8:30       Breakfast
9:00-10:30      PRIVATE SESSION: Literary Mindfulness
10:45-11:45      PRIVATE SESSION: Guided Hike
11:45-1:30        Lunch
12:00-1:00      Kripalu YogaDance or Vigorous Vinyasa Class
1:30–2:30       PRIVATE SESSION:
                         Literary Mindfulness Book Conversation
2:45-3:45        PRIVATE SESSION: Moving Mediation
4:15-6:15         Kripalu Yoga Classes (class times vary)
5:30-7:00        Dinner
7:30-8:30        Open R&R Session: Evening Event

6/7   Tuesday

6:30-8:00        Kripalu Yoga Classes (class times vary)
7:00–8:30       Breakfast
9:00-10:30      PRIVATE SESSION: Literary Mindfulness
10:45-11:45      PRIVATE SESSION: Kayaking (tentative)
12:00                Check out of Rooms
12:00-1:30       Lunch
12:00-1:00      Kripalu YogaDance or Vigorous Vinyasa Class
1:30-2:30        OPEN BOOK PRIVATE SESSION: Literary Mindfulness
                         Book Conversation and Closing Session
2:30pm            Departure

To sign up click HERE.

With questions please contact Lynn Rosen at or 215-360-5382.

NOTE: All tickets are non-refundable.

Author: Lynn Rosen

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