Capturing the Muse: A One-Day Retreat for Writers

Our creative endeavors are so important to us—and so time-consuming! But if we don’t make time to write, it just won’t happen. Your creative practices need your time and attention in order for them to flourish.

Give yourself the gift of a day of work: a quiet day in a bucolic setting, surrounded by a small group of other writers.  Join an Open Book one-day writing retreat and focus on your important creative work!

DATE: Sunday June 26

TIME: 9am – 5:30pm

LOCATION: The Manor House at Whitpain Farm, Blue Bell, PA, 19422


Open Book one-day writing retreats take place at the Manor House at Whitpain Farm in Blue Bell, PA. This beautifully-restored colonial farm house sits on the edge of acres of green space, surrounded by trees, a brook, and a wide, sunny vista. We will occupy the entire first floor and have full use of the home’s numerous rooms, from the 1704 Room with its original colonial stone fireplace, to the modern and expansive kitchen and butler’s pantry. There is plentiful space for writing at individual tables in the various rooms.

The retreat begins at 9am and closes at 5:30pm. We intersperse quiet, private writing time with creative breaks throughout the day.

The format of the retreat is as follows:

We begin with “Convocation,” a warm up which includes goal-setting and brief writing exercises. We then move to our first extended period of quiet writing. At our next group workshop we focus on “Problem Solving,” looking at any literary bumps and how to overcome them, as well as reaffirming our writing goals for the day. The afternoon group workshop is “Energy,” a break designed to refresh and ready us for the final writing stint of the day. We close with a wine & cheese and sharing of our work.

Lynn Rosen
Lynn runs Open Book’s extensive program of classes, workshops, and events for writers and readers, and is the co-owner of Open Book Bookstore, located in Elkins Park, PA. Lynn is a long-time book publishing industry professional with many years of experience as an editor, literary agent, author, and teacher. Most recently, she was Editorial Director of Book Business magazine, and Director of Graduate Publishing Programs at Rosemont College. She has served as Editorial Director at Peter Pauper Press, as Senior Editor at Running Press and, earlier in her career, as an Editor in the trade division of Ballantine Books. In 1991, Lynn launched Leap First, an independent literary agency, which she ran until 1999. She is the author of Elements of the Table: A Simple Guide for Hosts and Guests (Clarkson Potter). Lynn graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with an Honors degree in English, and holds a Masters in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University.

We’ll need sustenance to support our creativity, and delicious food will be provided throughout the day. At registration you will be greeted by an array of breakfast snacks, fruit, coffee, tea, juice, and water. A buffet lunch of healthful food will be provided with selections that include vegetarian and gluten-free options. Snacks are available throughout the afternoon and we will close the day with a wine & cheese gathering.

COST: $150



9am – 9:30am
Arrive, register, settle in. Select your table.
Coffee/tea/water/fruit/snacks provided and available all day.
Pop-up bookstore available to browse (all day).

9:30am – 10:15am
Begin with a moment of silence to dedicate ourselves to the writing to be done that day.
Introduce ourselves to each other.
Do some quick short writing exercises to warm up.
Goal setting: what do you hope to accomplish today? Share with the group and set realistic goals for the day.

10:15am – 11:45am
Quiet, private writing time in your space.

During the quiet writing time, the kitchen will be available for breaks and quiet conversation. We will have coffee, tea and snacks available. Lynn Rosen will preside over this space and will provide troubleshooting guidance, brainstorming activities, and a listening ear to talk over literary stumbling blocks.

11:45am – 12:15
Problem Solving
We will gather for a mid-day assessment to discuss how our writing is going. Are we making progress toward our goals? Do they need to be adjusted? Does anyone have any challenges they would like to talk through or get advice on? To close this break, Lynn will share writing tips and advice from well-known favorite writers to inspire us.

12:15 – The lunch buffet opens
12:15 – 1:00: Lunch
During the lunch break, you will have the option of taking your food back to your table to continue to work, or breaking bread and sharing conversation with your fellow writers. Those who wish to converse will sit in one room so that those who wish to write will not be disturbed.

1:00 – 2:30
Back to work: more quiet writing time.

2:30 – 3
Energy Break
We’ll take a breather to refresh ourselves. We’ll do some simple movement and breathing exercises to get the blood flowing again and rev up some endorphins. And then we’ll stimulate our brains by reading some literary excerpts aloud to each other, using the beauty of the spoken word to stimulate and inspire our writing.

3 – 4:30
The Home Stretch: our final period of concentrated quiet writing.

4:30 – 5:30
Unwinding with Wine and Readings
We’ll relax, celebrate, and those who wish to will read aloud to the group something they wrote that day. We’ll close by setting some more goals for ongoing writing to keep our work going and maintain the momentum of the day.


NOTE: All tickets are non-refundable.

Author: Lynn Rosen

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