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You Can’t Say That Again

April 2, 2020

Here is one of my favorite articles I wrote while I was the Editorial Director of Book Business magazine, a publication for book industry professionals. While researching this article and inteviewing professors and other plagiarism experts, I learned a lot about how doing reseach online has created a generation of students who cut and paste and aren’t concerned with attribution, and who don’t really value the concept of originality. That latter concept really shook me! Find the article HERE.

The Roman à Clef: Enough Already!

September 30, 2014

Article in City Paper by Lynn Rosen…

“I was talking with my friend, novelist Susan Barr-Toman, about the reaction she was getting to her then just-published novel, When Love Was Clean Underwear. Because the book takes place in South Philly, where she grew up, many readers were assumed it was an autobiographical novel. It wasn’t.”

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January 30, 2014

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You Can’t Say That Again
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Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/17/13:
Her Styling Network by Lynn Rosen:





Philly Inquirer , 8/30/09:
Lynn reviews The Invisible Mountains by Carolina De Robertis:>






Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/2/07:
How to Learn to Love Doing the Laundry by Lynn Rosen:






Let us sew, let us sew, let us sew


Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/8/06:
Let us sew, let us sew, let us sew by Lynn Rosen:




Clean Lessons



Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/10/06:
Thanks, Mom, for Clean Lessons
by Lynn Rosen: